Our work on soft artificial hearts highlighted in the media


Media coverage on how Nicholas Cohrs, PhD student in the Functional Materials Laboratory, developed and tested a soft artificial heart.

Nicholas Cohrs from the Functional Materials Laboratory has developed a silicone heart that beats almost like a human heart. In collaboration with Anastasios Petrou, a doctoral student of the Product Development Group Zurich, led by Professor Mirko Meboldt the performance of this soft artificial heart was evaluated.

Link to the ETH News article

Here the link to a video on YouTube explaining how the heart works.

The young researchers have just published the results of the experiments in the scientific journal Artificial Organs with the title "A Soft Total Artificial Heart—First Concept Evaluation on a Hybrid Mock Circulation"

Below you find an overview of selected media that have covered the topic:



Der Standard

MIT Technology Review

The Hindu

The Times Of Israel

International Business Times


Motherboard Magazine

Huffington Post Deutschland


Science Alert

Luzerner Zeitung


La Liberté


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