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Since the foundation back in 2007, the society of former FML members has continuously grown. Nowadays, they work in research, consulting or in industry and thereby enlarge the group network. We are also proud to say that we still have good contact to our FML Alumni members and that we are able to profit in many ways from one to another.

Name Left in Left to
Corinne Hofer 2017 hemoTUNE
Carlos Mora
Lukas Langenegger 2016 hemoTUNE
Vladimir Zlateski 2016  
Christoph Kellenberger
2016 Novamem AG
Philipp Stoessel 2016 Bühler AG
Daniela Paunescu-Bluhm 2015 Johnson & Johnson
Christoph Schumacher 2015 KABE Farben
Jonas Halter 2015 Kantonsschule Rämibühl, Zurich
Renzo Raso 2014 FHNW
Oleksander Stepuk 2014 Dow Chemicals
Nora Hild 2014 Bachem AG
Fabian Köhler
2014 Chemgineering Group
Aline Rotzetter
2013 Sensirion
Roland Fuhrer 2013 Avantama AG
Stephanie Bubenhofer 2013 3 M
Michael Rossier 2013 Avantama AG
Norman Lüchinger 2013 Avantama AG
Samuel Halim 2013 Avantama AG
Lukas Gerber 2012 Harvard University
Alexander Schätz 2011 Syngenta
Evagelos Athanassiou 2011 McKinsey & Company
Inge Herrmann 2011 Imperial College
Oliver Schneider 2010 Synthes
Ludwig Limbach 2010 Biotronik
Tobias Brunner 2007 Biotronik
Stefan Loher 2007 Biotronik
Neil Osterwalder 2007 GRT Inc.
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