Chen, Weida


ETH Zürich

Doctorate at D-CHAB

HCI  E 106 

Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 1-5/10

8093 Zürich


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Digital PCR and biodegradable electronics.

Year Position
2015 – current: PhD student at Functional Materials Laboratory, ETH Zurich

MSc studies in Chemical- and Bioengineering at ETH Zurich

Master Thesis: “Breathable membranes in shoes”

2010-2013 BSc studies in Chemical Engineering at ETH Zurich
Induced cyanogenesis from hydroxynitrile lyase and mandelonitrile on wheat with polylactic acid multilayer-coating produces self-defending seeds
Jonas G. Halter, Weida D. Chen, Nora Hild, Carlos A. Mora, Philipp R. Stoessel, Fabian M. Koehler, Robert N. Grass and Wendelin J. Stark
Journal of materials chemistry A, Materials for energy and sustainability, 2 (3): 853-858, Cambridge: Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014.
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