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Nanosensors based on DNA technology.

Year Position
2014 - current PhD student at the Functional Materials Lab, ETH Zurich
2011 - 2013 MSc studies in Chemistry at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
Master thesis: "Mass Discrimination in High-Mass MALDI-MS: Determination of Relative Response Factors Using Recombinant Concatenated Polyproteins"
2008 - 2011 BSc studies in Chemistry at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. Bachelor thesis: "Investigation of Non-Covalent Interactions between Dietary Polyphenols and Cell Nuclear Structures"
DNA-Based Sensor Particles Enable Measuring Light Intensity in Single Cells
Gediminas Mikutis, Carlos A. Mora, Michela Puddu, Daniela Paunescu, Robert N. Grass and Wendelin J. Stark
Advanced Materials, 28 (14): 2765-2770, Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 2016.
Submicrometer-Sized Thermometer Particles Exploiting Selective Nucleic Acid Stability
Michela Puddu, Gediminas Mikutis, Wendelin J. Stark and Robert N. Grass
Small, 12 (4): 452-456, Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 2016.
Comparison of novel synthetic DNA nano-colloid tracer and classic solute tracer behaviour
Anniina Kittilä, Claudia Deuber, Keith Evans, Michela Puddu, Gediminas Mikutis, Robert N. Grass and Martin O. Saar
S-GP-380, Brussels: EGC, 2016.
The use of novel DNA nanotracers to determine Groundwater flow paths - a test study at the Grimsel Deep Underground Geothermal (DUG) Laboratory in Switzerland
Anniina Kittilä, Keith Evans, Michela Puddu, Gediminas Mikutis, Robert N. Grass, Claudia Deuber and Martin O. Saar
Geophysical Research Abstracts, 18: EGU2016-16204, Katlenburg-Lindau: Copernicus, 2016.
“Cap-and-Catch” Purification for Enhancing the Quality of Libraries of DNA Conjugates
Raphael M. Franzini, Stefan Biendl, Gediminas Mikutis, Florent Samain, Jörg Scheuermann and Dario Neri
ACS Combinatorial Science, 17 (7): 393-398, Washington, DC: American Chemical Society, 2015.
Tankyrase 1 Inhibitors with Drug-like Properties Identified by Screening a DNA-Encoded Chemical Library
Florent Samain, Torun Ekblad, Gediminas Mikutis, Nan Zhong, Mauro Zimmermann, Angela Nauer, Davor Bajic, Willy Decurtins, Jörg Scheuermann, Peter J. Brown, Jonathan Hall, Susanne Gräslund, Herwig Schüler, Dario Neri and Raphael M. Franzinit
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 58 (12): 5143-5149, Washington, DC: American Chemical Society, 2015.
Systematic evaluation and optimization of modification reactions of oligonucleotides with amines and carboxylic acids for the synthesis of dna-encoded chemical libraries
Raphael M. Franzini, Florent Samain, Maaly Abd Elrahman, Gediminas Mikutis, Angela Nauer, Mauro Zimmermann, Jörg Scheuermann, Jonathan Hall and Dario Neri
Bioconjugate chemistry, 25 (8): 1453-1461, Washington, DC: American Chemical Society, 2014.
Phenolic promiscuity in the cell nucleus – epigallocatechingallate (EGCG) and theaflavin-3,3′-digallate from green and black tea bind to model cell nuclear structures including histone proteins, double stranded DNA and telomeric quadruplex DNA
Gediminas Mikutis, Hande Karaköse, Rakesh Jaiswal, Adam LeGresley, Tuhidul Islam, Marcelo Fernandez-Lahore and Nikolai Kuhnert
Food and Function, 4 (2): 328-337, Cambridge: Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013.
SnAP Reagents for the Transformation of Aldehydes into Substituted Thiomorpholines: An Alternative to Cross-Coupling with Saturated Heterocycles
Cam-Van T. Vo, Gediminas Mikutis and Jeffrey W. Bode
Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English, 52 (6): 1705-1708, Weinheim: Wiley, 2013.
Mass Discrimination in High-Mass MALDI-MS
Simon Weidmann, Gediminas Mikutis, Konstantin Barylyuk and Renato Zenobi
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 24 (9): 1396-1404, New York, NY, USA: Springer, 2013.
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