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Haelixa uses a high-tech nanotechnology tracer technology previoulsy developed at FML to provide solutions for industrial tracing, product authentication and liability management.The tracers are composed of DNA sequences encapsulated within invisible particles that can be mixed with any fluid and item, providing it with a unique fingerprint, which is easily identified and quantified at parts per trillion level (1 milligram per ton) with state of the art bio-analytics used in medicine and forensics.



Avantama is the worldwide leader in the custom-made development of specialty nanoparticles and inorganic inks. Avantama is able to adapt innovative materials precisely on the industry needs. Avantama's technology and knowhow enable ultra-fast proof-of-concepts and short development cycles. This makes Avantama the ideal partner to speed up tomorrow's innovations, e.g. in printed electronics.



Smartodont combines the expert know-how from two fields: engineering science and dental medicine. This special combination enables fast investigation of novel materials in dental applications and assessment of these ideas for new products by dentists. Hence, Smartodont aims to partner with established dental companies to develop and launch new groundbreaking dental products.



Novamem is a manufacturer and supplier of bioseparation membranes and chemically resistant high performance filters. Novamem is the first company that uses state of the art nanotechnology to produce nano- and meso- to microporous membranes with unrivaled performance: faster bioseparation at higher sample recovery than ever.




TurboBeads are the next generation of magnetic beads. The functional nanomagnets are applied to extract precious components even at very low concentrations, where a fast and cost-efficient separation is needed. Starting from a new design of magnetic carriers in 2007, TurboBeads succeeded in producing metal nanobeads exhibiting a core/shell structure.


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