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Graduate Student Supervision

Graduate Student Supervision

48. Olivier Gröninger (Interdisciplinary Sciences, ETHZ), started 07/17

47. Urs Lustenberger (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), started 03/17

46. Simon Doswald (Chemistry, ETHZ), started 02/17

45. Nadine Lobsiger (Biotechnology, ETHZ), started 11/16

44. Xavier Kohll (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), started 04/2016

43. Michele Gregorini (Mechanical Engineering, ETHZ), started 01/2016

42. Konstantin Schulz-Schönhagen (Biological Chemistry, ETHZ), started 10/2015

41. Weida Chen (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), started 10/2015

40. Nicholas Cohrs (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), started 08/2015

39. Antoine Herzog (Chemistry, ETHZ), started 04/2015

38. Lukas Langenegger (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), 03/2015 - 12/2016

37. Gediminas Mikutis (Chemistry, ETHZ), started 05/2014

36. Mario Stucki (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), started 03/2014

35. Elia Schneider (Chemistry, ETHZ), PhD 02/2014 - 03/2017

34. Corinne Hofer (Chemistry, ETHZ), PhD 10/2013 - 04/2017

33. Samuel Hess (Biotechnology, ETHZ), PhD 09/2013 - 05/2017

32. Michael Loepfe (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Combustion-driven soft machines: Design, manufacturing and application, PhD 09/13 - 05/16

31. Robert Stettler (Mechanical Engineering, ETHZ), 03/13 - 10/14

30. Michela Puddu (Material Science, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy), Nucleic acid/inorganic particle hybrid systems: from design to appicaton, PhD 11/12 - 12/15

29. Philipp Stössel (Food Processing, ETHZ), Gelatin fibers: spinning processes, fiber modification and application, PhD 11/12 - 09/15

28. Daniela Paunescu (Chemistry, ETHZ), Synthetic DNA fossils, PhD 10/12 - 10/15

27. Vladimir Zlateski (Biochemical Engineering, Jacobs University, Germany), Engineering inorganic nanomaterials for the capturing, sotrage and release of biomolecules, PhD 09/12 - 10/16

26. Carlos A. Mora (Microbiology & Immunology, ETHZ), Advanced sensing and quantification strategies using DNA and living cell based materials, PhD 07/12-04/16

25. Renzo A. Raso (Chemistry, UAS, ETHZ), In situ regenarable air purifiers, PhD 10/11-12/14

24. Christoph Kellenberger (Mechanical Engineering, ETHZ), Porous polymer membranes: synthesis and applications, PhD 03/11-09/14

23. Christoph M. Schumacher (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Stability, Modification and Biomedical Detection of Graphite-based Nanomaterials, PhD 12/10-05/14

22. Alexander Stepuk (Material Science, ETHZ), Near-infrared curing and mussel-inspired adhesion in biomaterials, PhD 09/10-11/13

21. Jonas G. Halter (Chemistry, ETHZ): Combining chemistry and materials for self-defending systems, PhD 09/10-06/14

20. Nora Hild (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Polymeric implants for biomedical engineering: Tailoring, functionalising and applying, PhD 01/10-05/13

19. Aline C.C. Rotzetter (Chemistry, ETHZ), Functional polymers for construction and filtration, PhD 01/10-12/13

18. Martin Zeltner (Chemistry, ETHZ), Application of polymer coated magnetic nanoparticles in chemistry, PhD 09/09-03/13

17. Stephanie B. Bubenhofer (Interdisciplinary Sciences, ETHZ), Composite nanoparticles - Engineering of advanced nanomaterials for electronic applications, PhD 05/09-11/12

16. Lukas C. Gerber (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Novel antibacterial strategies - From smart to living materials, PhD 04/09-05/12

15. Roland Fuhrer (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Application of magnetic metal/polymer composites, PhD 02/09-12/12

14. Michael Rossier (Chemical Engineering, EPFL/ETHZ), Magnetic metallic nanoparticles for water treatment, PhD 10/08-02/12

13. Dirk Mohn (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Smart materials based treatments for peri-implantitis, root canal infections and bone fixation, PhD 02/08-05/11

12. Inge K. Herrmann (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Cleaning Blood: Synthesis, properties and applications of functionalized metal nanomagnets in nanomedicine, PhD 11/07-11/10

11. Fabian M. Köhler (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Graphite nanostructures and metallic nanoparticles, PhD 10/07-06/11

10. Andreas M. Studer (Medicine, USZ); with Prof. Dr. med Holger Moch, In vivo extraction of proteins, MD 08/07-09/09

9. Norman A. Lüchinger (Material Science, ETHZ), Metal nanoparticle based composite materials, PhD 07/07-08/10

8. Oliver D. Schneider (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Advanced barrier coatings, PhD 12/06-02/10

7. Evangelos K. Athanassiou (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Reactivity of structured nanoparticles, PhD 01/06-02/09

6. Ludwig K. Limbach (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Toxicity of Nanoparticles: Chemical and physical effectsPhD 08/05-10/08

5. Samuel Halim (Materials Science and Engineering, ETHZ), Sustainable Production of Fine Chemicals, PhD 08/05-12/08

4. Tobias J. Brunner (Biotechnology, ETHZ), Preparation of nanostructured bone materials, PhD 10/04-10/07

3. Neil Osterwalder (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Methane Activation, PhD 07/04-07/07

2. Stefan Loher (Mechanical Engineering, ETHZ), Application of nanomaterials in polymer foils, PhD 04/04-04/07

1. Robert N. Grass (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Non-oxidic Nanoparticles, PhD 03/04-03/07

Undergraduate Student Supervision

Undergraduate Student Supervision

Year 2016

12. Julian Koch (Chemical Engineering, EPFL), Master thesis, Measuring atmospheric dispersion with DNA-based nanoparticles, 09/2016-03/2017

11. Kristina Bodmer (Chemistry, ETHZ), Research project, Immobilization of Trisaccharide B on carbon coated nanoparticles for HEB-29 removal, 09/2016-12/2016

10. Stéphanie Nguengoue (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research project, Proof-of-principle of intracellular polymer/oligomer synthesis for cytotoxicity application, 09/2016-12/2016

9. Yidi Tai (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research Project, Evaluation of assays for controlled generation of reactive oxygen species, 09/2016-12/2016

8. Nils Knobloch (Interdisciplinary Sciences, ETHZ), Design of a 3D-printed platform for a lactose biosensor, 04/2016-06/2016

7. Adrian Zwyssig (Chemistry, ETHZ), Master thesis, Covalent immobilization of Tris(2-carboxyethyl)phosphine on Magnetic Nanoparticles for the Reduction of Disulfide Bonds in Biomolecules, 03/2016-06/2016

6. Marco Stöckli (Interdisciplinary Sciences, ETHZ), Master thesis, Thermo-Responsive, Breathable and Waterproof Polyuretahne Membranes by Polymer Microsphere Pore Functionalization, 03/2016-07/2016

5. Philipp Antkowiak (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research project, Template Removal Method in SEBS Rubber, 03/2016-06/2016

4. Simon Nüssli (Interdisciplinary Sciences, ETHZ), Bachelor thesis, Grafting functional polymers from magnetic nanoparticles with redox-initiated RAFT-polymerization, 02/2016-06/2016

3. Riccardo Tarchini (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research project, Development of an odour adsorbing insole for shoes, 02/2016-04/2016

2. Florian Jenny (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research project, Influence of different kinds of bioglasses on the mechanical stability of silicone rubber, 01/2016-05/2016

1. Simon Doswald (Chemistry, ETHZ), Master thesis, Fabrication of a three layered composite membrane for Copper(II) extraction, 12/2015-03/2016

Year 2015

14. Simon Nüssli (Interdisciplinary Sciences, ETHZ), Research project, Towards using hollow carbon nanobubbles as a drug carrier platform in drug and DNA delivery, 09/2015-12/2015

13. Olivier Gröninger (Interdisciplinary Sciences, ETHZ), Research project, Development of a programmable 3D-printed lab-on-a-chip biosensor, 09/2015-12/2015

12. Adrian Zwyssig (Chemistry, ETHZ), Research project, Towards the synthesis of a pharmaceutical on magnetic nanoparticles, 09/2015-12/2015

11. Erik Gubler (Chemistry, ETHZ), Research project, RAFT-Polymerization of 4-Vinylbenzylchloride on Magnetic Nanoparticles, 09/2015-12/2015

10. Andri Mani (Chemistry, ETHZ), Master thesis, Uptake Quantification of Different Surface Functionalized Silica Particles into A549 Human Epithelial Cells, 05/2015-09/2015

9. Nicholas Cohrs (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Master thesis, Development of a Sutureless Anastomosis Device for Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation, 04/2015-07/2015

8. Xavier Kohll (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Master thesis, Development of a Novel Combustion-Powered Soft Robotic Suction Device, 03/2015-07/2015

7. Maria Yliruka (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research project, Impact of lost wax casting moulds on the life time of silicone soft machines, 03/2015-06/2015

6. Raphael Hodel (Chemistry, ETHZ), Master thesis, Immobilization of Josiphos on Magnetic Carbon Coated Cobalt Nanoparticles, 03/2015-07/2015

5. Andri Mani (Chemistry, ETHZ), Research project, Fabrication of Non-woven Gelatin Fibers by Multiple Centrifugal Jet Spinning, 03/2015-04/2015

4. Urs Lustenberger (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Master thesis, Fabrication of a Novel Nanoporous Silver-Polymer Composite Membrane, 02/2015-06/2015

3. Antoine Herzog (Chemistry, ETHZ), Master thesis, In Vivo Intracellular Metabolite Reduction with an Exogenous Platinum Nanocatalyst under Hydrogen-Containing Atmosphere, 10/2014-03/2015

2. Jakob Drzazga (Industrial Engineering and Management, TU Berlin), Master thesis, Low-cost gravity driven water purification system with high user adaption – Building a prototype for Tanzania, 10/2014-03/2015

1. Weida Chen (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Master thesis, Breathable membranes in shoes, 10/2014-02/2015


Year 2014

3. Simon Doswald (Chemistry, ETHZ), Research project, 10/2014-12/2014

2. Célia Mignan (Chemistry, ETHZ), Research project, 05/2014-06/2014

1. Urs Lustenberger (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research project, 01/2014-06/2014


Year 2013

9. Madleine Bloch (Food Sciences, ETHZ), Master thesis, 09/2013-03/2014

8. Antoine Herzog (Chemistry, ETHZ), Research project, 03/2013-05/2013

7. Corinne Hofer (Chemistry, ETHZ), Master thesis, 03/2013-07/2013

6. Gioele Casola (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research project, 02/2013-04/2013

5. Michael Loepfe (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Master thesis, 02/2013-06/2013

4. Mario Stucki (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Master thesis, 02/2013-06/2013

3. Isabelle Schmid (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Master thesis, 02/2013-06/2013

2. Justus Söllner (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Master thesis, 11/2012-03/2013

1. Helmuth Haas (Chemistry, ETHZ), Master thesis, 10/2012-02/2013


Year 2012

8. Elia Schneider (Chemistry, ETHZ), Master thesis, Covalent Linking of Organic Superbases and Magnetic Carbon-Coated Nanoparticles via Functionalized Polymers, 03/2012-08/2012

7. Isabelle Schmid (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research project, The effect of amorphous tricalcium phosphate nanoparticle doping on the performance of PMMA-based bone cement, 2012

6. Laura Tödtli (Chemistry, ETHZ), Research project, Bingel-Reaction on carbon coated magnetic nanoparticles, 02/2012-06/2012

5. Michael Loepfe (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research project, Ultrafiltration of biomolecules, 02/2012-06/2012

4. Matteo Abächerli (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research project,Development of scaffolds for chondrogenic cell culture study, 02/2012-03/2012

3. Gediminas Mikutis (Chemistry, ETHZ), Research project, Collection of nanoparticles utilizing click-chemistry, 02/2012-06/2012

2. Daniela Paunescu (Chemistry, ETHZ), Master thesis, DNA Nanocarriers, 02/2012-06/2012

1. Philipp Stössel (Food Science, ETHZ), Master thesis, Use of alpha-lactalbumin nanotubes in material science, 02/2012-08/2012


Year 2011

7. I. De Maddalena, Research Assistant, 08/11-10/11

6. D. Paunescu (Chemistry, ETHZ) Research project, Bioconjugation of nucleic acids on magnetic carbon-coated cobalt nano particles, 05/2011-07/2011

5. N. Moser (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research Project, Antibacterial effect of metallic nanoparticles, 06/2011-07/2011

4. S. Schwendener (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Master thesis, Magnetic Furrocoumarine extraction, 02/2011-06/2011

3. N. Moser (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research Assistant, Antibacterial effect of metallic nanoparticles. 02/2011-06/2011

2. R.A. Raso (Chemistry, ETHZ), Master thesis, Analysis and modification of wood derivatives, 02/2011-06/2011

1. V. Custodis (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research Assistant, 02/2011-05/2011


Year 2010

23. S. Spa (Univ. Leiden, Molecular Science and Technology, ETH Erasmu), Semester thesis, Nucleic acid marking of magnetic nanoparticles, 09/2010-02/2011

22. C. Schumacher (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research Assistant, Magnetic Heavy Metal Preconcentration, 10/2010-11/2010

21. C. Kellenberger (Mechanical Engineering, ETHZ), Research Assistant, Polymer filtration membranes, 09/10-10/10

20. R. Stettler (Mechanical Engineering, ETHZ), Research Assistant, Process Control Lab – Development of Pendulum, 09/2010-1’/2010

19. C. Schumacher (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Semester thesis, Heavy Metal Scavenger Resin Development, 09/2010-09/2010

18. L. Nowack (Material Science, ETHZ), Semester thesis, Enhancing the process ability of a root canal filling, 04/2010-06/2010

17. M. Hefti (Chemical Engineer, ETHZ), Semester thesis, Synthesis of amphiphilic Styrene/NIPAM Copolymer, 05/2010

16. M. Hefti (Chemical Engineer, ETHZ), Semester thesis, Thermoswitchable C/Co; towards self-separating Catalyst, 03/2010-03/2010

15. A. Keller (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Semester thesis, Magnetic Mercury Recovery from Waste Waters, 05/2010

14. S. Schwendener (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Semester thesis, Protein extraction using amphiphilic nanoparticles, 05/2010

13. L. Meier (Chemistry, ETHZ), Semester thesis, Gold dissolution by cyanide, 03/2010-06/2010

12. J.G. Halter (Chemistry, ETHZ), Master thesis, Spiropyrans immobilized on magnetic C/Co-Nanoparticles as photoswitchable Calciumchelators, 03/2010-06/2010

11. M. Mariani (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Master thesis, Magnetically oriented polymer fillers, 03/2010-06/2010

10. R.E. Bernabei (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Master thesis, Development of a continuous magnetic blood purification device, 03/2010-06/2010

9. A.V. Bortolan (Chemical Engineering, Santa Maria), Research Assistant, Development of Methods in Wood Analysis, 03/2010-06/2010

8. P. Sucharski (University of Krakau, PhD, Biol), PhD, Phosphopeptide preconcentration, 03/2010-03/2010

7. S. Schwendener (Chemical Engineering Science, ETHZ), Semester thesis, Water purification using thermosensitve magnetic nanoparticles, 03/2010-03/2010

6. T. Bachmann (Material Science, ETHZ), Semester thesis, Synthesis and characterization of (poly)HEMA/(poly)NIPAAM hydrogels for the use as sea water desalinators, 02/2010-05/2010

5. L. Oberli (Material Science, ETHZ), Semester thesis, Magnetic Hydrogel, 02/2010-05/2010

4. C. Kellenberger (Mechanical Engineering, ETHZ), Masterthesis, Nanoporous coatings for drug delivery purposes, 02/2010-06/2010

3. A. Stepuk (Material Science, ETHZ), Master thesis, Near-infrared curable composites for dental and facial defects treatment, 12/2009-06/2010

2. Z. Dominguez Trinidad (Mechanical Engineering, ETHZ), Vulcanization of natural rubber with functionalized copper nanoparticles for dielectric elastomers, 10/2009-03/2010

1. M. Schreier (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Research Assistant, Magnetic filters and scale up, 10/2009-03/2010

Year 2009

14. C. Bruhin (Material Science, ETHZ), Semesterthesis, Bioactive root filling materials, 06/2009-07/2009

13. C. Kellenberger (Mechanical Engineering, ETHZ), Semesterthesis, Calcium carbonate nanoparticles as a pore template for nanoporous polymers, 04/2009-06/2009

12. R.E. Bernabei (Chemical Egnineering, ETHZ), Semesterthesis, Calcium Phosphate production and characterization, 05/2009-06/2009

11. M. Owczarz (Biotechnology, ETH Zurich) Semester thesis, Quantitative Protein binding on magnetic nanoparticles, 05/2009-12/2009

10. G. Barolo (Chemical Engineering ETH Zurich) Bachelor thesis, Turbidity measurements of switchable magnetic nanoparticles, 05/2009-06/2009

9. L. Casparis (Nanotechnology, Uni Basel), Semesterthesis, Synthesis of graphene by metal assisted chemical vapour deposition, 03/2009-07/2009

8. N. Hild (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Master Thesis, Electrospinning of Bioactive Collagen Fibres, 03/2009-07/2009

7. T. Michl (Chemistry, ETHZ), Master Thesis, Steps toward magnetic silyl protecting groups, 02/2009-06/2009

6. M. Zeltner (Chemistry, ETHZ), Master Thesis, Amphiphilic thermoresponsive nanomagnets: towards magnetic soaps and recyclable detergents, 02/2009-06/2009

5. A.C.C. Rotzetter (Chemistry, ETHZ), Master Thesis, Bottom up approach to a conducting ceramic-metal composite, 02/2009-06/2009

4. A. Stepuk (Material Science, ETHZ), Semesterthesis, Light curable nanocomposites for bone defect treatment, Bioactive PMMA bone cements, 12/2008-11/2009

3. M. Zeltner (Chemistry, ETHZ), Semester thesis, Magnetic Polymers, 08/2008-01/2009

2. L. Gerber (Chemical Engineering, ETHZ), Master thesis, Antimicrobial Surfaces, 10/2008-02/2009

1. S.B. Bubenhofer (Interdisciplinary Sciences, ETHZ), Master thesis, Reflective Surfaces, 10/2008-01/2009

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